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Bug fixes

  • Fallout 4 support

  • "Command line is too long" error should occur less by using Powershell. Powershell is installed by default starting with Windows 7.
  • When closing the drawer panel, links could break into multiple lines
  • Duplicated logs entry


  • New compilation logs view


  • Group preview is replaced with a new "more details" button

group_preview.png group_preview_open.png

  • New design

  • The configuration is now checked when you enter the compilation page, giving you any tips if your configuration is wrong.

  • Better mo2 configuration check

  • Button to open compilation logs now changes color at the end of a compilation

    Green: when all scripts compile successfully

    Red: when a script gone wrong

  • New documentation released: access the documentation via NexusMods or with the new button at the bottom left


  • You can now compile the script of your choice from the list


  • Recent files: option to show the script's full path (#130)
  • Recent files dialog displays more scripts at once

It is now easier to click on a line


  • A loading screen now appear when the application start


  • New application titlebar

The application menu is now accessible with the application icon at the left


  • The position of the app is now memoized between launchs
  • Bumps dependencies
  • Changelog window correctly displays images
  • The application restarts when resetting the configuration