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Download PCA

Download the latest version of PCA on Nexus mods and extract it anywhere you want. It is not recommended to install PCA inside a directory that needs admin privileges (mainly Program Files folder).


PCA requires Creation Kit (CK) to compile your files. More ways could come later.

  • For AE/SE/VR/LE: CK is available on Steam. Download it from your Steam library in Tools section.

  • For FO4: CK is available on the Bethesda Launcher.

    Fallout 4

    Bethesda Launcher will be removed in 2022. Make sure to migrate to Steam.


You need to extract the file Data\ which contains all basic psc files to compile any papyrus script. This file is available when CK is installed.

Make sure the files is available in Data\Source\Scripts
Fallout 4

Extract all zip files inside Data\Scripts\Source.

Mod manager

We officially support MO2.

More details

Supported versions

Only purchased versions of the games are supported.

  • AE
  • SE
  • VR
  • LE
  • FO4


  • PCA: Papyrus Compiler App
  • CK: Creation Kit
  • AE: Skyrim Anniversary Edition
  • SE: Skyrim Special Edition
  • VR: Skyrim VR
  • LE: Skyrim Legendary Edition
  • FO4: Fallout 4