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You can follow the in-app tutorial if you are starting PCA for the first time.

Go to the settings page.


  • game type: Check the game you're using.
  • game path: this is your game folder. Mainly, the folder containing the exe of your game.
  • compiler path: if you correctly install CK, you'll have a file named PapyrusCompiler.exe inside the {game path}\Papyrus Compiler folder. This is what PCA needs to compile your files.


  • concurrent scripts: number of scripts compiled at the same time (default: 15). PCA has a feature called "concurrent scripts" that can compile multiple scripts at the same time.


I'm using MO2. Do I need to configure MO2 inside of PCA?

Refer to this.

I'm using a lot of instances. I need something to quickly compile files easily for all instances.

Refer to Application Parameters.


Support PCA authors by providing anonymous data about how you use PCA.

PCA will collect telemetry data for the purpose of analyzing used functionality and improving relevant features.

Examples of collected data include group and compilation data, errors, and timestamps of various app events.